Civil Citation: Diversion or Net Widening?

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Civil Citation as an Alternative to Arrest Among Youth Apprehended by Law Enforcement

Juvenile Diversion

Diverting Our Attention to What Works: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Youth Diversion Program

Pre-Arrest Diversion to Addiction Treatment by Law Enforcement: Protocol for the Community-Level Policing Initiative to Reduce Addiction-Related Harm, including Crime

Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program Assessment: Examining the Scope and Impact of America’s Opioid Crisis Interim Report to Congress

The Impact of Policing Styles on Officers’ Willingness to Make Referrals into Pre-arrest Diversion Initiatives

Statewide Policies Relating to Pre-Arrest Diversion and Crisis Response

Police Diversion for Low-Severity Offenses (Pre-Arrest)

Law Enforcement Deflection and Prearrest Diversion Programs: A Tale of Two Initiatives

Data Collection Is Crucial For Equity In Diversion Programs

Correlates of Program Success and Recidivism among Participants in an Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program

A Matched-Samples Comparison of Pre-Arrest and Post-Booking Diversion Programs in Florida’s Second Judicial District

An Initial Assessment of Leon County Florida’s Pre-Arrest Adult Civil Citation Program

Reducing Youth Arrests: Prevention and Pre-Arrest Diversion

Promising Practices for Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs

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