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Civil Citation Network®

The Civil Citation Network (CCN) is a non-profit entity with the goal of promoting the expansion of both juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion programs. The Civil Citation Network was created after the success of both juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion programs in Leon County, Florida.

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How Does Pre-Arrest Diversion Work?

Pre-arrest diversion programs, also known as deflection or civil citation programs, have one unifying purpose – providing individual accountability through an alternative to arrest for low-level criminal offenses. Whether for juveniles or adults, there are five key components to a comprehensive pre-arrest diversion program:

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Model Programs

Whether you're looking into developing, implementing, or improving program outcomes for Pre-Arrest Diversion, CCN is there to help you!

Pre-Arrest Diversion for Adults – A Model Program

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Pre-Arrest Diversion for Juveniles – A Model Program

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Civil Citation Network Graduate
"I am so grateful for the Civil Citation program because I did not have an arrest on my record. I was admitted to a University Law School with the entirety of my tuition paid for. I worked in the judicial chambers for a Court of Appeals judge. Now I am about to graduate from law school. And this fall, I will be in a courtroom litigating."
Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri
"It is instead an effort to treat crime equitably while still giving the people who deserve it another chance."

Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs

This interactive national directory for both adult and juvenile programs demonstrates the wide-spread growth of pre-arrest program across the United States. By clicking on the map, or the corresponding list of states below, you can see what activities are happening in these areas.


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In this section, we have provided links to model legislation that will assist you in developing pre-arrest legislation in your jurisdiction.
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Links to helpful toolkits are available in this section as you develop and implement your pre-arrest diversion program.
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Adult Resources

A number of resources for adult pre-arrest diversion programs are available here providing comprehensive information on the need and value of such programs.
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Juvenile Resources

A list of resources for juvenile pre-arrest diversion programs are provided here with detailed information on the need and value of such programs.
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