Adult Resources

A number of resources for adult pre-arrest diversion programs are available here providing comprehensive information on the need and value of such programs.

President Biden Releases National Drug Control Strategy to Save Lives, Expand Treatment, and Disrupt Trafficking

Pre-Arrest Deflection Programs A Lesson in Leadership, Reform, and Compassion

‘Deflection’ Opens a New Path for Justice Reformers and Crime Reduction

Barriers, Solutions and Outcomes to Implementation of Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs

Police Chief Magazine: “Spotlight: A New Approach to a Growing Crisis."

Examining The Impacts Of Arrest Deflection Strategies On Jail Reduction Efforts

The Law Enforcement/First Responder Diversion and Referral Mentoring Initiative

The Stigmatization of Justice-involved Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

Texas Public Policy Foundation Policy Perspective: Pre-arrest and Pre-booking Diversion and Mental Health in Policing

Jail or No Jail: Alternatives to Arrest and Prosecution for Low-Level Offenders

Adult Civil Citations: A Practical Tool in the Sea of Reform

Briefing: An Adult Civil Citation Program Can Save Taxpayer Dollars

The Edge of Stigma: An Experimental Audit of the Effects of Low-Level Criminal Records on Employment

Incarceration's Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America

Three Minute Justice: Haste and Waste in Florida's Misdemeanor Courts

Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts

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