Adult Resources

A number of resources for adult pre-arrest diversion programs are available here providing comprehensive information on the need and value of such programs.

From Crisis to Care: Building from 988 and Beyond for Better Mental Health Outcomes

Diverting People who Use Drugs from the Criminal Justice System: A Systematic Review of Police-Based Diversion Measures

Police Diversion at Arrest: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Cost Analysis of Savings from PAD Diversions and Missed Opportunities

One Year After Releasing its Groundbreaking Overdose Prevention Strategy, HHS Announces New Data Showing Nation Has Expanded its Ability to Treat Addiction and Save Lives

9 Ways to Fight Mental Health Stigma

Common Myths on Serious Mental Illness

Chartbook #173: Barred from Employment - How Criminalization Blights American Lives

Rome Consensus for a Humanitarian Drug Policy

Embedding Equity into 988: National Scorecard

A Humanitarian Intervention in the War on Drugs

Critical Elements for Implementing the Officer Intervention Pathway of Pre-Arrest Diversion

Mental Health Emergencies, Law Enforcement and Deflection Pathways

COSSAP: Law Enforcement-First Responder Partnership Training and Technical Assistance

Brief: Diversion and Deflection in the District of Columbia

Tennessee Pre-Arrest Diversion Infrastructure Program

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