Who We Are

The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network (CCDDN) is a nonprofit entity with the goal of promoting the expansion of both juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion programs. CCDDN operates from the premise that public safety is enhanced when a structured intervention, with services offered when need indicates, is utilized in place of the traditional arrest for low-level offenses. This approach maintains public safety, holds individuals accountable for their behavior, provides equal justice and enhances the community. The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network was an instrumental player in promoting and successfully passing legislation in Florida that both promotes the use of adult pre-arrest diversion and outlines the key components of a program.

Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network

The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network (CCDDN) accomplishes its goal by creating avenues to inform about pre-arrest diversion options and by providing community leaders the precise tools needed to implement a pre-arrest diversion program. CCDDN maintains a robust website highlighting research supporting juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion, provides program models, offers an interactive directory of where programs are operating across the country and provides a tool kit of the key ingredients that need to be in place for a successful program. 

The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network provides information about juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion initiatives across the country to build the knowledge base on this intervention, note accomplishments and build evaluation data that documents value and supports the expansion of these initiatives. CCDDN is also specifically listed as one of the approved uses of funds in the 2022 National Master Opioid Settlement Agreement.

The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network was created after the success of both juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion programs in Leon County, Florida. The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network is funded by a modest grant from the DISC Village Foundation. DISC Village is a comprehensive behavioral health service provider that operates juvenile and adult pre-arrest diversion programs.

Our Team

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PTACC Partnership

The Civil Citation Diversion & Deflection Network (CCDDN) is an original founding member of The Police, Treatment and Community Collaborative (PTACC) a national collaborative focused on deflection. CCN Executive Director Tom Olk, and Director Peria Duncan, are founding members and serve on the PTACC Executive Board.

Deflection, which includes pre-arrest diversion, civil citation and similar programs with other names, promotes intervention as an alternative to arrest. There are six recognized pathways that the CCN recognizes and supports. The Civil Citation initiative is an Officer Intervention Pathway. The six pathways are:

  • Self-referral
  • Active Outreach
  • Naxolone Plus
  • First Responder and Officer Referral
  • Officer Intervention
  • Community Response

In addition to founding and growing the pre-arrest diversion/deflection field by providing technical assistance, funding and training over the last three years, PTACC has also worked with national partners to establish legislation, and a clear and comprehensive guide to establishing legislation in your jurisdiction. PTACC has developed a wealth of resources, convenes training summits and conferences, and holds an annual meeting for their National Leadership Council. Along with PTACC, CCDDN has a network of national and internationally diverse partner agencies and organizations, and this number is constantly growing!

  • AdCare Criminal Justice Services                                                           
  • Amity Foundation
  • Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Balonick & Associates
  • Behavioral Health Foundation
  • Bobby E. Wright Comprehensive Mental Health Center; Westside Community Triage & Wellness Center
  • C4 Recovery Foundation
  • Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice
  • Center for Court Innovation
  • CIT International 
  • Cordata Healthcare Innovations, LLC.
  • Corporation for Supportive Housing 
  • Critical Incident Management System 
  • DC Insights
  • DynamiCare Health 
  • Enso Recovery 
  • Evince Diagnostics, LLC
  • Faces and Voices of Recovery 
  • Fletcher Group
  • Frontline Responders Network 
  • Florida State University Center for the Study and Promotion of Communities, Families and Children; Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Region 4
  • Gaudenzia 
  • George Mason University 
  • GunBail
  • Hope Not Handcuffs- Hudson Valley 
  • HOPE- Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • JBS International 
  • Justice Optimization Technical Associates
  • Law Enforcement Action Partnership
  • Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association 
  • Levenson Foundation
  • Lexi Loci Labs 
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Mental Health America 
  • National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws
  • National Association for Children of Addiction
  • National Association of Counties 
  • National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators
  • National Association of Social Workers 
  • National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors
  • National Center for Health and Justice Integration for Suicide Prevention (NCHATS)
  • National Council for Mental Wellbeing 
  • National Criminal Justice Association
  • National League of Cities 
  • National Sheriff's Association
  • Operation to Save Lives/QRT National 
  • Origins Behavioral Health Care
  • Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI)
  • R Street
  • Rome Consensus
  • SAFE Project 
  • Thrive with Chaos
  • Treatment Advocacy Center
  • University of Pittsburgh Program Evaluation and Research Unit 
  • WestCare
  • Western Carolina University 
  • Women's Justice Institute

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