Texas Public Policy Foundation Policy Perspective: Pre-arrest and Pre-booking Diversion and Mental Health in Policing

Jail or No Jail: Alternatives to Arrest and Prosecution for Low-Level Offenders

Adult Civil Citations: A Practical Tool in the Sea of Reform

Briefing: An Adult Civil Citation Program Can Save Taxpayer Dollars

The Edge of Stigma: An Experimental Audit of the Effects of Low-Level Criminal Records on Employment

Incarceration's Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America

Three Minute Justice: Haste and Waste in Florida's Misdemeanor Courts

Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts

Pre-Arrest Diversion: An Effective Model Ready for Widespread Adoption

The Impact of Policing Styles on Officers’ Willingness to Make Referrals into Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiatives

CONNECTing Research to Action: Bringing Pre-Arrest Diversion to Allegheny County

Building an Organizational Culture That Values Pre-Arrest Diversion

National Conference of State Legislators: An Evolving Approach to Drug Policy

A Cost Analysis of the Bexar County, Texas, Jail Diversion Program

Deflection and Diversion: Applying a Harm Reduction Approach

ABA Statewide Policy Implementation: Florida: Cost Effective Means to Increasing Public Safety in Juvenile Justice

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