Juvenile Resources

A list of resources for juvenile pre-arrest diversion programs are provided here with detailed information on the need and value of such programs.

Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services: Civil Citation

Preventing Youth Arrests Through Deflection

A Reflection on All 50 States’ Youth Deflection Programs

Report: Expand Law Enforcement’s Role in Pre-Arrest Diversion of Youth

Diversion: A Hidden Key to Combating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice

Benefits of Deflection (Pre-Arrest Diversion) for Criminal Justice and Communities

Advocating for the Importance of Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs While Recognizing Those That Do It Best

Civil Citation Program Manual

New Report: Bold Policy Reforms Needed to Stop Juvenile Justice System's Revolving Door

ABA Statewide Policy Implementation: Florida: Cost Effective Means to Increasing Public Safety in Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Civil Citation An Effective Innovation in Reducing Juvenile Crime and Recidivism

Minor Crime Convictions Proving Harmful to Student Ambitions

What is Diversion in Juvenile Justice?

Making Youth Pre-Arrest Diversion Work: Lessons for Rhode Island from Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Cambridge

Overview of Florida’s (DJJ) Pre-Arrest and Post-Arrest Juvenile Diversion Programs and Applicable Laws

Pre-Arrest Diversion for Juveniles – A Model Program

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